Catch The Word is a fun new android game that makes learning easy. Catch the letters
falling in the basket to make the words. Learn spelling words in an interactive and fun
way. Excellent new Education App available on Google Android Platform that makes learning easy
and fun for kids. Catch The Word is the first installment in the series for awesome Kids Education Games that will be published in the next few month. Try Catch The Word today for Free on Google Play. Upgrade to the Pro version to get the complete list of words.
For Suggestions and Reporting Bugs please email us at Our support/discussion forum will be up soon for live support and discussions on how to improve the game.
Tile your device sideways to move the basket
Score points by catching the falling letters in the basket to form the word that displays on the top.
Catch the letters in the correct order of the word that needs to be formed. Catching the wrong letter will take up a chance. You only have 5 chances in total.